Here's What I Wanted to Buy During Black Friday

It is no secret that aside from Thanksgiving, millions of Americans look forward to Black Friday. This coveted holiday is filled with deals, huge savings, and some of the "lowest" prices of the season. But unlike those same Americans, I've actually never participated in the Black Friday madness. The part that ultimately frightens me is getting up early only to have to wait in a super long line or mad dash through hoards of people just to add items to my cart. When it comes to shopping, I definitely enjoy the pleasure of going at my own pace, taking my time to explore different items and just ultimately not have to rush the entire process. 

Although Black Friday isn't my thing, I know plenty of people that were able to get amazing deals on things that never go on sale; or even things that never seen a discount. The great thing about not participating in Black Friday shopping this year or any other year for is the ability to admire great deals from afar! Below, check out some of the things that I wanted to buy during Black Friday, but didn't. 

If you did some Black Friday shopping, what did you buy?