As the summer months take their place, I really enjoy spending time at the beach, feeling the waves ripple back and forth against my skin and just having a good time with friends and family. Typically in the summer, my mom and I pack up the car with our beach supplies and go to our favorite spot: Gloucester, MA. If you are not familiar with Gloucester, it is a coastal city on Cape Ann, in Massachusetts. 


Gloucester has fishing history and it's Fisherman's Memorial reflect the names and statues of those lost at sea. In Gloucester, there's Good Harbor Beach, a small beach with optimal swimming conditions surrounded by dunes, marshes but limited parking. My mom and I can really spend hours there. It's amazing how the concept of time feels like few and far in between when you are spending the day relaxing. 


There's this place not too far from the beach that sells some of the freshest and tastiest seafood. My favorite thing about J.T. Farnhams is that it's pretty quaint, sort of like with a mom and pop feel to it. Right next to the restaurant is a lake that looks miles and miles ahead into the distance. I remember being awe as I would stare straight beyond the bunches of trees and the clear blue sky. Freedom. 

I am often always amazed at the wonder that it means to breathe in fresh air and see creation all around. Even the big and small things have meaning. That right there is something worth cherishing.