What I’m Learning About Taking Things Personally

Photo by Jacalyn Beales,  Unsplash

Photo by Jacalyn Beales, Unsplash

As a social media manager in Boston, the typical day to day stuff involves creating content, monitoring our platforms, thinking about our target audiences, being involved in Twitter chats, and so much more. Sometimes, it feels like my brain is constantly running from one thing to the next while simultaneously striving to always stay afloat, above, and on top of what’s happening. Because social media moves in the blink of the eye, it’s so easy to get lost in the weeds of it all. 

Part of my job also deals with being able to collaborate and work with other members of the team. Often, everyone’s communication is different. Everyone’s process is different. And also, everyone’s leadership style is different as well. I think we all gravitate to things, people, and even ideas that are the most comfortable and familiar to us. Sometimes in the collaboration process, those forces that are the most familiar are the ones that knock us down. But how we get up is what matters. 

Over the years during past endeavors and even currently, one thing that has always been a struggle for me was learning not to take things personally. All. The. Time. I know the idea of that seems far-fetched and if you’re reading this then maybe you’re a pro at being able to let this go as opposed to carrying the weight of what people say and do. For me, I am constantly learning the former. I am constantly learning to hear what people say but stop at the point where what they say becomes something that I have to carry and or dwell on. 

If you sometimes struggle with taking things personally at work, here are 5 things that help me: 

1) Take a step back.

2) Clear your head.

3) Speak up.

4) Seek Clarity. 

5) Move Forward. 

Do you struggle with taking things personally (at work)? If so, let's discuss in the comments below!