The Art of Letting Go + Letting God

I don’t think I ever really had a full grasp of what “letting go” meant. I mean, maybe I did but the reality of it felt and seemed few and far in between. I knew however, that as a child, attached to my mother’s hip that I would have to let go- eventually. 

I remember my first day of kindergarten. Oh what a joyous day that was. In my little mind, somehow I conjured up that my mom would be staying with me during the entire school day. That though she took me to school each day, her presence would be there too. 

On this particular day when my mom dropped me off, I remember meeting Ms. Shelley, a charismatic, vivacious and warm woman that would sit in the office as kids were dropped off. Ms. Shelley had this unique yet magnetic ability to make me forget that my mom had left me at school to go to work. 

She, Ms. Shelley would plop me on her lap, bouncing me up and down as my stream of tears dried up. I knew that within time, I could not depend on my mom to stay with me at school every day. I also knew that Ms. Shelly, though she provided me comfort, that she too, would have to let me go. I could, as much as I wanted too, depend on her. That I eventually had to hop off her lap, wipe my tears, and go to class like a big girl. 

Understandably, letting go got easier within time. Presence and steady time. Letting go got easier when I became more ready to explore something new. In order to grow as a person, sometimes it’s the very thing we find comfort in that can hold us back. Unfortunately. 

The art of letting go isn’t always comfortable but trust, it’s required. The same way my mom had to let me go, is the same that I too, had to let go of Ms. Shelley. It’s never easy getting rid of that sense of security or drawing near to whatever it is and whom ever it’s that provides that’s safety blanket but when do you decide it’s time to move on? 

The art of letting go means that though one chapter may be ending, the beauty in it lies being able to start fresh. The art of letting go means that whatever used to feed you, no longer will. The art of letting go means understand that it’s a process. That we are all a work in process. 

Whether it’s past mistakes and or short comings, we all have them. We’ve all be there. I know I certainly have. But one thing I know for sure is that letting of something is saying goodbye to one thing and hello to another.

I know that right now and even continually, I am in a season of letting go and have been. I know that the places I want to go and the places that God wants to take me, it requires the art of letting go. It requires doing away that things that have been a clutch, things that have a potential to be a stumbling block, not a steppingstone. I know that letting go means that I am saying YES to the plan + purpose that God has for my life. For me, thinking that my plan was for my life was better than God’s, was a mentality I had to + continually aim to let go of. Yes, there are moments when I want things to happen at a certain time but that’s not how things are nor should be. I promise you, once you let go, you’ll be in awe of what’s waiting for you on the other side. 

What are some things you struggle with letting go of? Let’s DISCUSS in the comments below!