In November of 2017, I set out to do something that came with great trepidation: launch a blog. Eventually, I got over that fear and actually launched it (yay!) I was so proud of myself for starting my blog but I knew that I was merely scratching the surface. 

A few months later, on the continuous blog journey, I felt stuck. The content I had in mind felt few and far in between. I then ran into feeling like the actual blog design was just too confusing, making it really hard to establish the journey I wanted to take you the reader on. A close family friend told me that I should think about a way to display latest post and think about what I want people to know about once that come to my blog. 

What they said hit me. I knew that I wasn't operating at the rate of efficiency I should have been. I knew that the only way for me to figure out what I wanted my new blog to look and feel like, I had to step away. See sometimes, I think we make it a goal to present our best selves all the time, all day every day. Doing that comes with feeling like we all should have remnants of our fabric woven together into one unique blanket. Sometimes, stepping away helps understand our sense of what's in front of us, what we're doing, and the direction we are headed. 

I am so thankful to God really for pushing me to launch my blog. I am even more thankful because in November, I knew that what I started was not the finished product. It just needed some time to really manifest itself into something great. The time that I took off from blogging to figure out my new blog, I began thinking about themes, content, categories, layouts--the usual. I knew that this time around one phrase that played on repeat was "passionately pursuing faith, great style, and new travel." I have so much in store for 2018 and I am thankful to have you along for the ride. 

When's the last time you took a break from something? How did you feel afterwards?