5 Ways to Authentically Embrace Change

The older I get, the more I want to draw nearer to God. My relationship with God is a continuous process in which I am glad to be a part of. There are things I have experienced in life that God himself was to bring me from. And I know he will use it for good. Along with my relationship or any relationship with God, there is a process of growth that is necessary.

Next to growth is change, it's almost like the two go hand in hand. I am a firm believer that growth is apart of the process, even if that process differs from person to person--that's okay. 

The great thing about growth and change is being exposed to bigger and better things. In addition, sometimes growing and changing is what is required for God to take us to the magical places he wants to. Additionally, when God takes us to higher heights and deeper depths, I can attest that I am continually learning that we can't take everyone to places God has for us. 

However, this doesn't mean that we love them any less. But perhaps the place God has in mind is greater and requires love, time, and care. Along with this journey, I encourage you to think about these five ways to use change for good: 

1. Be mindful, be present. Perhaps create vision boards or maps of where you see yourself years from now. What does your future look like? Are the same people you have in your circle still in your circle? 

2. Leave old things behind that might've weighed you down or hold you back from living your best life and being your best self.

3. Sometimes you literally just have to dive into the deep end and trust that everything will work out the way it should. 

4. Roll with the punches. You may be knocked down. But I guarantee you are not out. 

5. God will never give us more than we can handle.

What are some ways you handle change when it comes upon you abruptly?