4 Fruitful Ways to Minimize Complaining

The other day, I was studying the second word of the day of a 10-Day Word Fast Bible plan I am currently on: complaining. What has been so fruitful about this Bible plan is that during the ten days, it has called forth fasting from other words too such as judgments, criticism, sarcasm, and gossip. While studying, I began to question the degree to which I complain and how I should be catching myself in the midst of a complaint before letting it roll off my tongue. 

See, although complaining alleviates the pressure from what's going on at the present time, complaining also makes it very hard to hear from God. It's basically like being in the middle of an important conversation and then having the call drop or worse, your phone battery run low. 

 It is completely frightening to know that uttering negative words simply block God's goodness and says that He does not have complete and total control over the situation. 

Here are four actionable ways to minimize complaints and maximize your gratitude: 

1) Pray. Ask God to give you wisdom to continuously put your trust in Him. 

2) Praise. Thank God for His continuous goodness, even in the bad.

3) Focus. Be intentional with your thoughts and think about the positives. 

4) Do. Create a gratitude jar by jotting down every single thing that you are grateful for. On the days that you want to complain, simply pull a note from your jar. But make sure to live out the word or phrase you've pulled.

"Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction." (Proverbs 18:20 NLT)

What are some things you complain about the most? After you've complained, were you ever given a solution? If so, what was it like?