Enlighten Me

This guest blog post was written by my close friend and sister in Christ, Ventris Wright. You can find her on her incredible blog here: Feeling Souler

My expectations are as high as my heels. 

When God demands the most out of your life, expect the same. Make this a life or death type thing, because you “volunteer as tribute” to the rebuilding of a new you. A tunnel vision must form through the hurt of all the treasures that have slipped through your fingers like sand. 

Imagine the perspective of God... yes it is a big job, but have faith. What if God flips you over like an hourglass simultaneously every-time it has run out? Shaking up the hands of time. Giving you chance after chance, reminding you that he has the power to change past circumstances, the past no’s, the past hurts... He simply brings you to a point of being tasseled by meaningless time, turning your ticking clock into faith. Pushing your faith into a result of surrendering, because you thought you knew how to complete the mission. 

There are so many goals we seek to reach but have become obsessed with it just being done, instead of it being perfected. Do not shoot aimlessly, without considering the bigger picture. For the wall of your own home, would you rather purchase the art of a kindergartener or the art of Picasso? Trust the process, have faith that these reroutes are for proper molding, do not rush... have some standards, and certainly some dignity... do not fall to the sloppy seconds, because you are tired of waiting. Why have the minimum potential, when you can have the max?

Grabbing hold of the wheel of faith, opened up an even bigger reality of life as I walked into my marriage. Things began to sprout as I stepped closer to the threshold. First came the conscious decision that I was making. I knew the commitment was a serious union before God, which came with a whole lot of worries but needed to end with faith. Next came the pressed upon ideas of others on whether or not my marriage would last, because of my young age, me needing time to explore, the differences my husband and I carried between each other, or simply because people want to push their past experiences on myself. Yet I knew, what God had for me, is for me...Lastly the separation in the relationships that I had. Some were not eligible to take into the next phase of my life... which was out of my control...These things are all causing me to utilize my faith from here on out... 

In order to be cautious about the potential of my future, I must continue to pursue faith in all things...

At this point I have become adamant about neglecting my stress levels, I have continued to work on my ‘grip’, and woke up by exercising my faith...

Ventris Wright is a faith-based blogger who has an incredible knack for writing. She uses her blog, Feeling Souler, to get in touch with her soul and encourage others along the way. The Boston, MA native and Virginia State University alumni currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, Xavier. Connect with Ventris on Facebook and Instagram