Don't Compare, Just Simply Do the Work

I believe that too many times in life, we feel the need to compare what we currently have to what we currently lack. See, this doesn't stop with just ourselves. Many times, we'll compare what we have or what we're doing to what the person in front, beside, and next to us is doing. As natural and common as this is, there are several issues with this type of behavior. 

First, when you spend more time comparing ourselves to others, eventually you have to stop and realize that you have yet moved closer to your own goal(s). When you spend more time comparing yourself to what the "best of the best" have, you're essentially placing a roadblock in front of yourself. Further, thoughts, self-doubt, and fear will begin to cloud your mind. 

Second, when you spend more time comparing yourself to others, you are missing out on the ability to just simply do the work; plain and simple. When God blesses you with an idea, the only thing you should focus on is you. When you begin to make yourself and your work a priority, I can assure you that things will start to fall into place. But things can't fall into place on your behalf if you're comparing yourself to others. 

When you do what you're supposed to do, God will reward you. When you do the work that you have been called to do, He will also reward you. Something that always helps me in the midst of when I feel like comparing is thinking this:

"Just because someone else's stuff looks great, there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on to make their platform great. Also, I do not know what that person had to climb over and get through just to be in the place that God has them."

In sum, it is my prayer that in this season, God will give you the ability to be not just satisfied with what you have and where you are, but that He will give you the courage to spread your wings, reach higher heights, and explore deeper depths; without feeling like you have to compare every step of the way. 

Do you often compare yourself to others? If so, why do you do it? How does doing this make you feel?