December: I Welcome You.

As I look back over this year, I am completely blessed. Even if things didn't go the way that I wanted them to, I consider it a blessing. I am in a place where the goal is never perfection but continually work hard each and every day. 

This year, I was able to graduate from college, start graduate school, accept an incredible job opportunity, travel to Jamaica with my mom, and so many other great momenets. Among those moments, starting my blog is definitely on that list. As you may know, starting this blog was a scary process. 

In my mind, I knew what I wanted this blog to be but getting there was another issue. However, through my thoughts, I stopped worrying and starting doing. God reminded me that no matter the direction I go into, He will be there every step of the way. God also reminded me that there are gifts within me that have been dormant. 

Although this year is coming to a close, Decemeber encourages me in more ways than one. Simply, Decemeber encourages me to push the needle farther in 2018 than I did this year. 

December inspires me to push myself to the degrees that I didn't this year. 

December inspires me to continue to live my life out loud, boldly and without any worry. 

December inspires me to pick up the pen and continue writing because my story is just getting started. 

December inspires me to want to not be ashamed if things don't happen the way that I want them to.

December inspires me to continue that God is lightening my path every step of the way. 

December inspires me to best that I can be in 2018. Fearless and unwavered. 

This month presents itself with new opportunites and experiences. For 2018, there are many things that I am praying for and trusting God to do. I know that with Him, I have everything I need to do what He wants me to do. 

Does the month of December scare you? If so, why or why not?