5 Workwear Essentials You Need ASAP

Working in corporate comes with its pluses and minuses. While I truly love the work that I do, sometimes work clothes can be challenging. Many times, particularly as the season's change, I feel like I am constantly finding buying new clothes that I can not only wear to work but incorporate into day-to-day pieces. 

I've noticed that I have a ton of luck when I focus on workwear staple pieces. Ultimately, establishing workwear essentials gives you the ability to swap out items but also build looks already in your closet. Below, you'll find five workwear essentials you need to own now. Plus, they're affordable! 

1. Blazer: A great blazer goes a long way. You can easily pair a blazer with a vast majority of options like dresses, skirts, and more. The other great thing about blazers is that they come in many different styles, fabrics, and colors. The options are literally endless. 

2. Black Slacks: My favorite thing about a pair of slacks is the ability to wear them all season. They transition well from fall to spring and spring to fall quite nicely. Plus, being able to wear them with a variety of shoes is also a plus. 

3. Ankle Boots: I find ankle boots to be more versatile (and I cringe at the thought of wearing heels). It's best to shoot a pair or ankle boots that are comfortable and you can actually walk in. 

4. Basic white shirt: It goes without saying that white really goes with anything and everything.  

5. Cardigan: Ditch your blazer and throw on a cardigan instead. Super easy and fun! 

What are some of your go to work essentials? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Imagine courtesy of ZARA.