Word of the Year: Yes

To be quite honest, I've never fancied starting a new year off with a leading "word" or "theme." However, I always look forward to reading about the words that others select because it's always interesting reading why they chose that direction. So with being almost two months into 2018: I began pondering one word and one word alone: YES. 

Saying yes is more than a declaration but it's a way for me, to think about my purpose and why I do what I do. Further, saying yes means that I am standing in complete and total agreement with the direction that God has me in and where He has me going. Saying is a reminder to face the challenges as they come because I know that God is protecting me every step of the way. 

This year, I am looking forward to opening my own media boutique called AN+ CO. Essentially, my business will specialize in three services: content curation, photography, and marketing. My credo lies in being able to position clients for success and ensure that they represent themselves in the best way possible, both online and off.

Another thing that I am looking forward saying yes to is obtaining my Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. The road to grad school and during has not been easy. But nonetheless, I feel totally confident that what lies ahead is always greater than what's in front of me right now. 

So whatever it is, I challenge to say yes. Surely, it may come with questions, doubts, and uncertainties but know that the more times you wait until you're ready, you'll never actually start. 

What are some things you want to say yes to but are afraid to? Let me know in the comment section below!