What it Means to Be Still

Last year, one thing I struggled with constantly is feeling overwhelmed with launching something new and navigating the steps involved to complete it. However, this year, before I get flustered and thrown off course, I told myself that I would practice being still. I know that stillness is possible and worth it in the long run. 

When I feel lost, I instead will be still. When I feel like suffocating in my own thoughts, I will be still. Understanding God's stillness in the midst of my present situation is crucial. Being still essentially means to "devoid of or abstain from motion; to be quiet and calm."

While Jesus and his disciples were on a boat, they were headed to the other side of a lake. After a while, a fierce storm approached and the boat was quickly filled with water. The disciples then woke up Jesus, who was sleeping. Quickly, they worried and felt like Jesus didn't care that they potentially would drown.

See, what the disciples did not realize is that Jesus was with them the whole entire time. Yes, he was sleeping at first, but he woke up to the sound of his disciples in distress. As soon as he awoke, Jesus rebuked the winds and calmed the storms. What's even greater is that Jesus was even there with them on the boat! 

In the moments where I feel lost or in the middle of a storm, I know that Jesus is there. I also know that through his stillness, it provides an opportunity for God to bring a sense of peace and calm everything around me and within me. Understanding God's stillness means that whatever situation or whatever is pressing on your mind, you give it over to God.

When you operate from a place of complete and total stillness, you are not moving. You are creating a place in which God can speak to you vividly and directly. But in order for Him to speak, you have to be focused and quiet other things. 

In sum, I believe that we all need to hear Him and only Him. When God speaks, I know that he will cause things to make sense. He will give me the ability to understand what He is saying. He will provide a next step to take and provide a solution to problems I can't figure out. 

Despite the situations life throws, it is my prayer that through all the chaos, through feeling lost, whether now or in the future, you will have the perseverance to be still. I pray that you seek comfort in the stillness of God and are reminded that though this stillness, you will have the strength to face tomorrow.